Corporate Address and Phone Numbers:
Young Living Essential Oils
3125 W. Executive Parkway
Lehi, UT 84043

Independent Distributor:
Yvonne Lewis -
Edgewater, MD

Year Young Living Began Business: 1992, now one of the top 25 companies on many lists.

Countries Where Young Living Conducts Business: United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore

Experience and Skill of Management Team:
Founder and President D.Gary Young has become a leading expert and driving force behind restoring the proper use of therapeutic grade essential oils. Young Living operates their own distilleries in Utah, Idaho, Ecuador, Iman and France.
Young Living is a world leader in essential oils research.

Description of Compensation Plan:
Six different ways to add to your check -
1) Retail Commission from Customers who buy at retail price
2) Start Living Bonus $25 for each new distributor
3) Star Performance Bonus First month 25% on new distributor order, second month 15% on new distributor order
4) Matching Bonus. Be rewarded for growing your business. % Paid out on new distributors efforts.
5) Team Performance Bonus. $100 when you sign up your first six business builders, $500 when two of them sign up six people.
This is where we shine and support you at
6) Unilevel Commissions. 5% on volume generated at each level.
Further there are Generation and Leadership commissions paid out to leaders.

The person who concentrates on attracting business builders to their organization will do best with this plan.

Description of Products and their Uniqueness in the Market:
Young Living offers a unique perspective on using health and wellness products.
All products are based on therapeutic grade essential oils. There is a superb health juice, Ningxia Red, many supplements and personal use products for household, weight loss and body building which are all enhanced with essential oils for great effectiveness.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started if Someone is Serious about Starting a Home-Based Business?
$150 to $200 for a Starter Kit which includes business materials and many products for personal use. Thereafter, for business growth, you order $100 to $150 PV of personal use products per month on an autoship program.

Is Internet Marketing Permitted? If so, what Limitations Exist? What Tools Does the Company Provide?
Yes, internet marketing is permitted and an independent distributor website is $9.95 a month. You can have your own website too.
Limitations exist on the claims you can make about health supplements and healing properties, as with all health and wellness sites, per FDA regulations.

Yvonne Lewis -
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