Corporate Address and Phone Numbers:


1020 Prospect Street, Suite 200
La Jolla, CA 92037

Year Company Began Business:

November 2004

Countries Where Company Conducts Business:


Experience and Skill of Management Team:


David Schmidt - CEO

David is the inventor of the LifeWave Technology and founder of LifeWave. David’s experience in business and product development spans over 20 years and includes a formal education in Management Information Systems and Biology at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY and an honorary doctorate by Dr. Alexander Marinaccio of the International Hall of Fame.

The LifeWave Technology was born out of 3 years of intense research by David into the concept of being able to naturally increase energy and stamina through elevation of fat burning utilizing wireless communication to the human body. The LifeWave Technology is now available to the public and David has committed the past 7 years into making this opportunity a reality.


Michael Collins - President-USA

With 30 years of sales, marketing, and management experience, Mike began his career with two Fortune 100 companies – Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo – where he held the position of Vice President. During the last sixteen years, Mike has brought his business experience and disciplined approach to the Network Marketing Industry, serving as Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer of two of Network Marketing’s largest and most successful companies.


Dr. Steven Haltiwanger - MD CCN

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger is a medical doctor and clinical nutritionist. He trained with the world-famous physician and researcher, Dr. Hans Nieper. For the last six years, Dr. Haltiwanger has educated physicians all over the world about Dr. Neiper’s research and inventions. Dr. Haltiwanger has also formulated many nutritional supplements based on Dr. Neiper’s mineral transporters. In the course of his work, Dr. Haltiwanger had the opportunity to investigate the LifeWave phenomena. After a careful review of the research material, he concluded that LifeWave was “the most exciting technology that he had seen.”


Richard Quick - Athletic Director

One of the most respected swim coaches in the world, Richard Quick is a 5-time Olympic Coach. Upon retiring as Stanford Women’s Head Coach, Quick joined LifeWave as Athletic Director. Quick won a total of 12 NCAA titles during his collegiate coaching career, the most in the history of Division 1 coaching. Quick’s Stanford teams have won seven NCAA Championships, including six in the past 12 years.


Mr. Masayuki Tokunaga - President, LifeWave Japan

Description of Compensation Plan:

Non-flushing binary

Please see the LifeWave website for more detailed information on the Pay Plan

There are five key components to the LifeWave compensation plan:

» Immediate Income

1. Retail Profits - LifeWave makes it easy for you to earn by selling to your retail customers. You may earn money by purchasing products directly from LifeWave at wholesale prices and selling directly to your customers. Your customers can also order products directly from LifeWave at retail prices. LifeWave automatically sends you the retail profits (difference between wholesale and retail) each week. To make it even simpler to create continuous revenue, you may even set up your retail customers for ongoing automatic recurring orders (autoship).

2. Initial Product (Fast Start) Bonuses -This is a way to begin earning money as soon as you enroll with LifeWave. Every qualifying LifeWave member may earn bonuses each time they personally enroll a new member. The amount depends on the rank at which the new member enrolls.
For each new member you enroll, you earn $100 for a Gold member, $50 for a Silver and $15 for a Bronze.

» Long Term Residual Income

3. Binary Commissions - The LifeWave Pay Plan is based on a Binary structure. That means that you only build two legs – one on the left and one on the right. Each of these two legs can be as long as infinity. Your commissions are based on the purchases of everyone under your position, no matter who enrolled them.

4. Commission Matching Bonuses - You earn bonuses based on the Binary Commissions earned by the people you personally enroll, by the people they personally enroll, and the people they personally enroll.

Sponsorship Level
People You Enroll - Level 1
People They Enroll - Level 2
People They Enroll - Level 3

» Special Bonuses

5. Leadership Achievement Bonuses -
As you build your business by enrolling members you can earn achievement bonuses and free products.

Description of Products and their Uniqueness in the Market:

LifeWave patches are constructed of organic materials (like amino acids, sugars and stabilized oxygen) sealed inside a polymer shell. These organic materials have been chosen because they have optical (chiral), liquid crystal and semiconductor properties. By using a nanotechnology production process called solution-based self-assembly, these optically active and electrically conductive materials form small nanosize molecular structures that function as molecular antennas. These molecular antennas are activated by the body's energy field to create specific signals that are carried into the body and cause the cells to increase energy production from fat (in the case of the Energy Enhancer patches).

In a sense patches are programmed like computer chips (the Software) by using different formulas that will produce different sized antennas and different biological messages. The Patches are completely non-transdermal, meaning no substance enters the body. This has been proven by independent laboratory verification with electron micrographs and studies where the patches were heated to 40 degrees C and placed in a vacuum. These studies have shown that the materials inside the patches do not leave the patches.
Patent application has been made.

LifeWave currently has four patch products:


Sleep patches for a quiet, restful night's sleep


Glutathione patches (SkinCare System) for beauty from the inside out


Pain Patches for relief of aches and pains


Energy Patches for increased energy

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started if Someone is Serious about Starting a Home-Based Business?

To become a LifeWave distributor costs $25. No other purchase is required to earn retail commissions on the sale of the product. Most serious business owners also purchase product for themselves, which entitles them to earn additional commissions on the sale of product to consumers in their downline.

Is Internet Marketing Permitted? If so, what Limitations Exist? What Tools Does the Company Provide?

When you enroll, your very own replicated website is immediately created by the company. You can send customers there to order product direct from LifeWave. No need to stock any inventory whatsoever.

This website includes a back office, which provides you with all the tools you need to manage your own business.
LifeWave patches may not be marketed on eBay or Craig's List.


Karen Conduff - Independent Distributor and LifeWave Manager

phone: 303-443-8211 or 303-886-9795